Our Mission & Vision

Darby Butler, Sheriff
Dixie County, Florida
P.O. Box 470
214 NE 351 Highway, Suite L
Cross City, Florida 32628


Our Mission

It is the mission of the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office to provide quality law enforcement, detention, court security, and community programs to the citizens and visitors of Dixie County.

Our Vision

It is the vision of the Dixie Sheriff’s Office to be a leader in public safety, community service, and crime control. We strive to integrate the community policing philosophies of developing partnerships with our community and maintaining a high quality of life through collaborative problem-solving in everything we do. Our vision is that Dixie County remains one of the safest and most enjoyable places to live in Florida.

Our Core Values

We, the men and women of the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office, pledge to infuse our core values in every aspect of our service to our community. Our three core values are;

  • Integrity – We pledge to maintain a strong sense of honesty, morality, goodness, and ethical character.
  • Honesty – We pledge to be truthful, sincere, upright, and decent.
  • Character – We pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards and honorable personal qualities. We wish to serve as role models for our youth, community, and profession.