Criminal Investigations Unit

Criminal Investigations

Lt. Tony Lopresto, Supervisor

Investigator C. Chesser

Investigator C. Barcia

Dixie County, Florida

P.O. Box 470
214 NE 351 Highway, Suite L
Cross City, Florida 32628


Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of three investigators. The division’s responsibilities include investigating sexual assault, child abuse, homicides, armed robberies, burglaries, drug offenses, etc. Investigators are assigned cases using a system based on solvability factors. Investigators from specialized units are assigned to investigate crimes based on their expertise.

The Criminal Investigations Division works closely with outside agencies such as the Medical Examiner’s Office, Department of Children and Families, Child Protection Team, Victim Advocates, and other Law Enforcement Agencies. The Criminal Investigations Division works with other Divisions within the Sheriff’s Office to achieve a common goal. We often rely on help from citizens in solving crime. By working with the community, we can make a positive difference and create a safer environment for all of us.

Our goal within the Criminal Investigations Division is to have a compassionate approach to victims of crime and a proactive, aggressive approach to solving crimes within Dixie County to guard the community against violent offenders and predators safely.