Jail Information

Detention Facility

Detention Facility Division
The Dixie County Jail is under the direct authority of the Dixie County Sheriff. The Jail Administrator and the Correctional Staff supervise the Detention Facility operation. The goal of the Detention staff is to create a safe, secure, and humane environment for staff and inmates.

Booking Process

Upon arrival at the Dixie County jail, each inmate completes property intake (monies deposited, clothing and miscellaneous items inventoried), medical screening, and the booking process.

Individuals arrested attend First Appearance before a judge within the first twenty-four (24) hours of arrest. The judge informs each arrested person of their charge(s) and the bond amount. This first appearance can occur in the judge’s presence or by telephone/polycom.
Inmates who have completed the intake process will be assigned to the general population. The housing of each inmate is assigned by their particular charge classification (felony or misdemeanor) and previous convictions.

Visitation Information

Homewav video-chat visitation.


General Inmate Information

Money for inmates
Only Money Orders are accepted through the mail. Cash and Credit Cards will be accepted. However, they must be delivered in person to the Dixie County Jail at 386 NE 255 Street, Cross City, Florida. 

Phone Calls
Inmates cannot receive phone calls. Collect calls can be made from the housing units between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. with no exceptions.

Inmates may send and receive postcards as desired, subject to limitations necessary to maintain order and security. Mail is delivered Monday through Friday except on holidays. All mail except legal or privileged mail is opened and inspected for contraband and money orders in the mail room. Legal and privileged mail will be opened in the presence of the inmate.

Express mail requiring receipt will not be accepted.

Jail Administrator:

Timothy Roberts, Captain

(352)498-1462 Office